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Ok Everybody, this is it!  This is the page where you will get access to Danda’s Music.  Here you will find songs Danda has written as an Artist, songs that are available for use by other artists, of course with a contract,and beats that Danda has written that he is not using, so they are for sale, in MP3, WAV and TRACKED OUT format.  They are available on the player below.  However if you would like to purchase one of the songs, please contact us do discuss the arrangements.

Song Reviews

“This forthright song is definitely a strong and confident introduction into the world of music, elucidating a smooth and sensual elegance of rhyme and rhythm which carries the affair skyward. The lyricism is dynamic and engaging enough to prevent the song from feeling as though it’s resting too long on its rhetorical laurels, and the playful vocals really tie everything together and provide it with a lot of replay value for me. Overall a highly impressive start.” Authentic Audio

“The song definitely a different vibe but I must admit that I actually like the mellow flow that matches the beat which rounded the song out. It’s definitely a keeper for me.” Carolina Music Video Awards

“You have got your own rap style and you proposing something different from the hardcore I hear all the time. Soft and a lot more fine tuned for the ears. I think it’s music that could be loved everyone.” GLACER FM

“Great balanced music and the track meets all the requirements of a good quality track and the artist has professional touch in the industry with great experience and the vocals was mesmerizing … this is a signature style of music from the artist.” Tiktok Top Hits Zone

“This is a signature style of music from the artist … enriched with great music production side and the track name was a catchy name too and genre absolutely was a great match … the artist has a great dedication to the work with meaningful lyrics too.” Emerging Artists Global

“A bouncy rap track that was stylish but of linear progression that resulted in repetition and last but not least, mainly after indie pop/rock stuff. Best!”
Roller Toaster