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May 14, 2023 – The Artist, Songwriter and Producer Danda Funk launches the new Danda Funk Productions website today.  All Press Releases will be released from this site, each time a new song and video are released, so stay tuned for more.

Press Release

After absence from music scene, Danda Funk re-emerges with the release of their next single, MY GAME.

Friday, April 19 – Several years ago Danda Funk emerged on the music scene with their single “Brown”, but the stay was short lived as one of the song writers left the duo. Now Danda Funk is re-emerging with the new single “My Game”

. It’s release date will be May 9, 2024. This new single has a Pop, Hip Hop sound with a Middle Eastern feel and a memorable chorus line that sure to enjoy!!

This is what Tiktok Top Hits has to say about the single, “Great balanced music and the track meets all the requirements of a good quality track and the artist has professional touch in the industry with great experience and the vocals was mesmerizing … this is a signature style of music from the artist.

” Danda said “This is the first of many to come, we are already working on and preparing for the release of a few other songs soon to be released.”